Christmas 2016

Although now it is January I have finally got around to uploading the items that I received from my family and boyfriend for Christmas.

Every year we get asked about the sort of things we would like for Christmas. This year I had no idea! As I work and earn  I buy the things I need the most myself and this meant that I didn’t want or need anything for Christmas. Due to this my mum decided that she would pick a couple of things she thinks that we would really like and a few smaller presents that we would use. The majority of our Christmas presents each year get are practical presents that we would use all of the time.

So each Christmas from my mum and step dad we get given one or two main presents and a few smaller presents. So when we were little we would get so many presents and toys and all the things we wanted but now I have reached an age where I know the value of money and how much the price of everything has increased by that I prefer to have one or two main presents that have had loads of thought into and my parents can guarantee that we will like, enjoy and use throughout the year. So this year my main present was a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera in white. Two of my sister’s and my mother have this camera in pink, yellow and blue and I used to send my photos away to get them printed in a Polaroid style. I then was given a few things for my room, these included a couple of cushions, a clothes rack to place on the wall or the back of a door and few little things like socks and a mug. Every year we are given little presents such as socks and underwear, this has turned into a little tradition that more than likely will be carried on for many more years yet.

I also got a few little presents from the rest of my family as well as a few  presents from Matt’s family. From my little sister I was given a bronze/ rose gold plastic cup and straw. My brother gave me two homemade candles and three sets of homemade wax melts. From my two older sisters I was given a selection of bath products and shower gels. Every present that my family have to me they know that I will use them and they won’t be sat on the side and not being used.

Christmas day was spent over my nans house with the rest of the family. This has also turned into a tradition as we have spent many years over our nans house for Christmas this means that their presents are also opened in the evening of Christmas day. As I hadn’t given my parents a list of things that I wanted for Christmas, my nan was told anything Grey, black, white or sparkly. This meant that when I opened the presents I had been given was Grey and black. These colours were told to her so that she could pick things out that could be placed into my room. The presents that I received were an extra large, super soft grey fleece blanket and also a super fluffy black cushion for my bed. I think between Christmas day and now I have probably spent the majority of my time cuddled up in this blanket it is that soft!

The first presents that I opened for Christmas were from my boyfriend. So instead of spending Christmas day together we spent Christmas with our families. This resulted in us seeing each other and swapping presents on Christmas eve. For Christmas Matt gave me a few different things. The first present I was given to open was an Adidas mens body spray  in ice dive. The reason he gave me that was because every time he gets ready he uses  and said that I really liked it. As we don’t live together the only time I am able to smell it fresh and ‘out of the can’ so to speak is when I am staying the night. The second item Matt gave me to unwrap I don’t think I smiled so much in my life. I’m going to give you a quick background about this first. I have been looking at a specific brand of watches for a few months now and I have never been able to bring myself to buy it. So when I unwrapped a La Bohème Rose Gold, White and Grey Cluse watch I think I literally squealed. Now there aren’t many things that I would get excited about but that was definitely one of them. The following thing that Matt gave me to open was a tub of flying saucers. These sweets basically one of my favourites old-school sweets and by having a tub I thought I would be able to have my favourites for a longer period of time, how wrong I was! They lasted a whole two days. I was finally given my last present and apart from the four corners of the present it was wrapped and sellotaped every part of the present. After about 5 minutes of trying to get into the wrapping I was able to see the outer packaging and it was a Pandora piece. I have two rings and a pair of earrings from Pandora but I didn’t have a bracelet from there. I have always wanted one but never received one. When I opened the inner box, I was so happy to see a Pandora bracelet and in my favourite colour the Rose Gold bundle. So within this is a bracelet, two clips and a charm in Rose Gold. I don’t think that I have ever been so happy with presents from anyone apart from family in my life.



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