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Goddess Nutrition

It has been an incredible experience to be given the opportunity to be able to product review samples from the Goddess Nutrition team before the products were on sale. I contacted the company and was blown away by the service that was given to me about product testing and reviews.

The lovely ladies in the team have constantly been in contact with me about the flavours and the products that were available to review for them. Although I was asked for the three flavoured products that I would like try I was sent two of their protein products and four of their meal replacements.

The products that have been product tested include two lean protein powders and four meal replacements. The main concern for myself was whether the products were suitable for a Gluten Free diet. This is essential as the majority of protein powders on the market do contain gluten and wheat meaning that those who do want to take protein powders are limited to the flavours and brands they can consume. With this being said every Goddess Nutrition sample is gluten free and suitable for gluten free diets.

Protein Samples 

After trying both the lean protein powders that were sent to sample I can hand on heart say that you would not know that the flavours are gluten free. The flavours are so true to the actual taste and are great with both milk and water. Furthermore, the samples that were sent were packaged in 30 gram packets which when on the go are incredibly helpful as you just have to pour in either milk or water.

The flavours of the protein powders that are available on the website to purchase include Strawberries and Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Banana Marshmallow, Coconut Ice Cream and Vanilla.

After trying the Strawberries and Cream and the Belgian Chocolate, I can definitely say that I will be purchasing these flavour again. I find it great that it is possible to buy the 30 gram packets as well as the 1 kilogram in a tub as well. I find this super handy as you are able to try the products in a smaller version without having to commit into a large tub before the product has been tried.

As a huge fan of strawberries and cream it was only natural that that particular flavour was chosen to  be tested. This particular protein powder was combine with milk instead of water. This is a personal opinion as I generally prefer to mix protein powders with milk due to the taste. However, the second protein powder was combined with water just to be able to indicate whether milk did have an effect on the taste of the powder and it can be said that this is completely untrue.

The second flavour of protein powder that I had been supplied with was the Belgian Chocolate. As a person with an incredibly sweet tooth I do prefer my powders to have a sweeter taste to them so that I am able to enjoy consuming them a lot more. Again with the Belgian Chocolate flavours protein powder I can honestly say that the flavours are true to the description and do not waver when they are mixed with either milk or water.

Overall, it can be said that I will be purchasing the protein powders again due to overall enjoyment and taste of the protein themselves. I feel that if you tend to buy a large tub of protein powder and get a quarter of the way through and decide that you don’t like the flavour any more the 30 gram sample packets are a great way to decide the flavours that you like the most and they also travel well when placed in bags as they do not take up much room at all. This means that instead of having to spend time measuring out the protein you are able to consume the product as soon as your workout has finished. Finally, I have personally noticed that protein powders generally need to be mixed thoroughly in a shaker with a mixing ball however it is possible to place the liquid into the shaker and then pour the powder on top which meant that the protein wasn’t stuck completely at the bottom of the shaker.

Meal Replacements
The Goddess Nutrition team also sent me four meal replacements to try out. The flavours that I was supplied with to try include Chocolate Brownie, Cookie Dough, Gingerbread Cupcake and also Raspberry Cheesecake. I found the Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie flavours of the meal replacements the nicest. Although, all the flavours are enjoyable, I personally found that the these two flavours were not as sweet as the others. They are all amazing flavours that really are true to the their flavours that are stated on the packets. Again like the Lean Protein Powders the meal replacements were supplied in 30 gram packs which again is super helpful when on the go.

The Chocolate Brownie meal replacement was one of my favourites as the flavour was so true to the explanation as well as the texture of the meal replacement being extremely smooth. I generally find that meal replacements that are mixed when needed can become bitty and feel powdery when drinking the meal replacement.

I found the Gingerbread Cupcake and the Raspberry Cheesecake a lot sweeter than the Chocolate Brownie flavour. I still found them enjoyable to drink however, I personally would not be able to be able to consume a 1KG Tub of meal replacement.  I find the sachets so convenient throughout the day as they can be made up with both milk and water. I find that they are super convenient at University as I can place one of the sachets in my bag in the morning and be able to make up the meal replacement when I am studying which means that I do not spend time and money snacking of sweets, crisps and chocolate. I find that the meal replacements are extremely filling and I find that I am not snacking as much throughout the day when I have consumed a meal replacement.

With these I make sure that throughout the week when I have been consuming the meal replacements I have been leaving two days of proper food in between each day that I have consumed the meal replacements. This was to ensure that I was able to decide for myself if they were as filling as I had thought they would be and I can honestly say they are incredibly filling. The days that I didn’t consume a meal replacement I found myself snacking a lot more on unhealthy options throughout the day.

Products Mentioned

Protein Powders 30 gram sachet

Protein Powder 1KG Tub

Meal Replacement 30 gram sachet

Meal Replacement 1KG Tub

I am going to finish this post with a massive thank you to the Goddess Nutrition Team for supplying me with the 6 products they have been a massive support with this blog post and I will continue to provide reviews for the company.


Gluten & Wheat Free Recipes

As a fellow Gluten and Wheat Free individual for the past 4 years, I have found it particularly difficult to eat Gluten and Wheat Free whilst eating something nutritious and something that tastes good. I am still after 4 years finding it difficult to find something healthy to eat that is also convenient however, I have found a few recipes that I have always stuck to eating when I need to find something quickly. I will include three different meal and recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy snack ideas.

Generally, I don’t really eat breakfast but I am now trying to eat it more often each week. The three go-to breakfast ideas I tend to have each week are:

  1. Medium Boiled Eggs
  2. Tesco/Nairns Free From Porridge Oats
  3. Homemade Fruit Bowl

These are the typical go to breakfast ideas for me on the days that I do eat breakfast at home. With each of these breakfasts I would either have a Coffee or a Cup of tea with or without sugar depending on my mood.

I will generally have 2/3 medium boiled eggs with two slices of toast and butter with a little coarse sea salt on each of the eggs. the bread I use for toast is the Genius Toastie bread. This make really good toast as it doesn’t tend to fall apart very easily and also tastes so similar to normal bread.

When I have porridge for breakfast it is usually mixed with Semi-Skimmed Milk and on the top i sprinkle a little Light Brown Muscovado Sugar. If I have porridge in the morning I would take out the sugar from the tea or coffee. This is so that I do not consume high levels of sugar throughout the day. I tend to use the Tesco Free From Porridge Oats as they come in 450 gram bags and this lasts for around 9 servings if used exactly on the packet.

Finally, I will have a homemade fruit bowl. I tend to use the fruits that are already in the fridge and in the fruit bowls however, I do like to have certain fruits in the morning and this I feel sets me up for a more healthy feeling day as it is a light breakfast that fills me up especially. The fruits that I tend to have include pineapple, red seedless grapes, raspberries, banana and satsuma segments. With this I usually have a form of coffee depending on my mood.

For lunch I generally tend to stick to foods that I am able to cook easily or have cooked multiple times. These foods involve pasta, curries and salads. When I am eating lunch I really like to have a lighter lunch if I am going to be eating a larger amount of food with my evening meal.

  1. Pasta
  2. Curry
  3. Salad

The pasta that I use is the Tesco Free From Pasta. I generally use the Fusilli Pasta as I prefer this type. With this I usually have either Heinz Tomato soup and Mature Cheddar cheese on the top or I make a can of tuna, sweetcorn, red seedless grapes and cucumber for Tuna Pasta Salad. I tend to go for a box curry from Tesco as this is easy as well as being Gluten Free. There are two specific curry’s that I eat and these are Tesco Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice or the Tesco Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau Rice. I find these easy to prepare and to eat when I am having a busy day. Finally, if I am after a healthy meal for lunch and also if I am after a lighter style meal I will go for a ham and cheese salad. The ham is generally a Thick Cut Yorkshire Ham from a Deli and the cheese is one of 4 these are: Mature Cheddar, Austrian Smoked Cheese, Port Salut or Boursin.  With this is will have the general salad vegetables as well as red seedless grape.

Finally, for dinner as I live at home I do eat what is cooked however, there are some types of food that is cooked more commonly than others. The overall amount of food that I consume in the evening is dependent on the amount of food that I have had for lunch. This is because if I have had a smaller lunch I will have a higher quantity of food for dinner and visa versa. The foods that we generally have for dinner at home include Paella, Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Salad and also Jacket Potatoes.

In the Paella we tend to have chicken, chorizo and cod fillets, within the rice flavoured with saffron. This is cooked fairly regularly as family members have lived in Spain and is considered as an easy meal for us to cook. Homemade Chicken Nuggets are so easy and a lot healthier than the typical ‘shop-bought’ or ‘takeaway’ chicken nuggets. The chicken that is used are the Chicken Breast Mini Fillets however they are cut length-ways in half and then in half width ways. They are then covered in flour, egg-wash and then breadcrumbs in order to give them a proper chicken nugget feel. These are served with general salad as well as either mango chutney or tomato ketchup. Finally, the last meal that is cooked on a regular basis are Jacket Potatoes. The fillings with these are usually either Cheese, Tuna and Sweetcorn or Baked Beans. Generally, all of these fillings are out on the plates with a small side salad in order to ensure that there are some vegetables being eaten throughout the day.