Playa Del Inglés, Gran Canaria

In February, a group of eleven of us decided that we should all go on a group holiday away. It was decided that as it was one of the girls birthdays in June it would be the best time for a holiday at that time. This way we would be able to celebrate her birthday whilst away on holiday. Overall, I think it took around two to three weeks in total to decide on a villa as well as a location.

It was decided that one evening we would spend at one of the couple’s house to continue looking at villas as well as flights. In the end each of us had our phones or our laptops or even both, we were able to search for villas and compare them without needing to close or swap between pages and tabs. In order to find a villa that could and would be willing to accommodate 11 people between the ages of 18 and 26. We did find a small amount of trouble with this as many places were under the impression that it was a group holiday to get drunk and be loud all day and night. However, we did find one place, Villa Bonita. This Villa was extremely close to the town center as well as the major attractions only being a short bus journey away.

The Villa itself was a five bed villa with private pool, air conditioning and WiFi. Each of the bedrooms had its own en-suite and wardrobe. In addition to this, the villa also had fully equipped kitchen, living room with Television and DVD player, Dining room as well as a washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher.

It was decided that we wanted to do as much as we could in order to enjoy and experience as much of Playa Del Inglés as possible. The first two days or so we decided to just walk around and explore the places closest to where we were staying. After those days we ventured into the Cita shopping center close to the Villa.

The first time we went into this particular shopping center we looked up the directions and had a massive detour as to walking around the top of the beach before getting to the shopping center. However, we ended up splitting up on the way back as a few of us picked up shopping the the Spar in the center and went back earlier due to the heat and having cold foods. Once getting back to the Villa it was apparent that when the others got back they had gone a different way and realised about the size of the detour that we made earlier on in the day.

Quite a few of the nights we spent sampling some of the bars and pubs. I had a personal favourite bar which was the Ibiza Lounge Beach Club. It is such a chilled place to have a drink as well as having the ability to lounge by the pool all day without having to leave the beach in order to get a drink.

Throughout the last few days we made sure to go out and experience what the place offers. This was done by going Jet Skiing, as well as going to the Aqualand and Holiday World.

AquaLand could be said to be expensive in the case of food and admission prices. However, unlike other parks that I have been to the admission price is expensive however, that includes every ride in the park rather than having to pay for each ride or to pay for certain rides. You were also able to pay for a locker for the day in order to keep belongings safe. Once bought you got given a token in order to be able to get the euros back that was paid for the locker.

We then went to Holiday World after a day out. The entry was free but you then bought tokens on a card which when going on each ride the tokens we used. Matt and I decided to share a token card and bought 60 tokens for 45€ which lasted us the whole time we were there. after we finished on the rides and had some food it was decided that we would have a game of bowling and then go back to the villa.

On the Monday (we left on the wednesday) a few of us decided that we wanted to go jet skiing. instead of getting 6 jet skis (one for each of us) Matt and I, another couple and two of the boys got a jet ski between them this meant that due to the price as well we were able to spread the price out. I believe that the price for the jet ski was 130€ for the fast jet ski in a sense had we not been on holiday I don’t think that any of us would have tried and experienced this. At the end of our jet skiing experience it we noticed that they were selling photos of ourselves on the jet skis for 10€. However, we believed that it would be choose one photo out of them all and that photo was 10€, it wasn’t the case and you were given a memory stick (USB stick) of every photo that was taken. In total there were around 18-20 photos for 10€.

The next two days were spent getting ready to leave the villa as well as ensuring we had all of the souvenirs that we wanted. Due to the Tuesday evening being the last night in which we were in Gran Canaria a few of us decided that it would be a good idea to go out for one last meal. I believe that out of the 11 of us it was 7 in total that went out for the meal.

Overall, I would highly recommend experiencing some of the activities that I had tried and experienced whilst on this holiday. They really were one of a kind.

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