Missing In Action…

Why a break was taken from writing blog posts and why was there a redesign?

Before anymore blog posts are written I wanted to explain why I have taken such a long break from blogging and the reasoning behind the redesign. Without going too deep I will explain why such a long break was needed both mentally and physically and not only having a redesign but talking to other bloggers about whether I wanted to continue blogging long term.

It has taken around eight months to completely decide whether to continue blogging as well as having the time to blog. In February, I decided to return to University online and try to ensure I am not working in a supermarket for the rest of my life (not that its bad, that’s just not what I want to do). I needed to sort out how much time I was able to set aside to both work and complete all my coursework on time. Whilst taking this break was when one of the bloggers I follow decided that she just didn’t have the capability with site traffic to regularly post if she wasn’t getting enough views and readers which then made me think about the same. 

I needed to remind myself of why I had started blogging in the first place and not what I had gained from this platform (being able to reach out too brands and reviewing a few of their products).

That wasn’t why I had started this journey in the first place. It is a journey. It is a journey which I had set up to help ME express emotions and feelings on my everyday life and my likes and dislikes of fashions. beauty and products I use on an everyday basis.

When reading other bloggers blogs and posts I had decided that the previous set up and layout I had was not helping me to portray to readers and brands that I was particularly interested in blogging. It was that point that I decided a redesign needed to happen. I already had designs for a business card for my Personal Training course which we needed in order to prove we really wanted to complete the course (Its an intensive course so which should be three to four years is one year long). I then decided that it was this design which I should use for both. That way it is a lot simpler to have one brand rather than two or three different brands with different designs and names. 

I mentioned that this break was needed not just physically but also mentally. In the early May, I experienced health complications which I still haven’t quite been able to get over yet. The physical side I am free and completely healed but mentally I need a lot more time. I don’t quite feel ready as of yet to indulge what had happened as I feel I need more time in order to be able to be a lot more together and feel a lot better within myself but I’m getting there.

By having this mental break from writing a blog, working and completing a Uni course has meant I was able to decide not only that I was going to redesign my blog but also limit the amount of topics I would be writing about as well. Instead of predominately writing reviews with a few self thought and written topics I will now be writing more informative pieces about fashion, beauty, lifestyle. I also have a plan that each blog post topic will be different. For example, if one blog post is about fashion I enjoyed whilst on holiday the next piece would be about lifestyle or beauty. This will hopefully mean that the blog will be varied but still only being within certain topics.

I want to lastly say thank you to all the readers who have been active whilst I have been taking this well needed break. I hope you all enjoy this new layout and new blog posts which have been planned and I am hoping these new posts will help you all get to know me a little better.

Much Love,

Caitlin x

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