Setting Goals For The New Year!

Each and every year we are overcome with the new year resolutions every one is making and each and every year they are made on the first and by the third are broken and forgotten. We then spend all year having forgotten about these goals and then at the end of the year we set the same goals again for the cycle to occur again. I personally was a member of this cycle and made resolutions on the 31st of December that I would go to the gym more, earn more money and pretty much have my life sorted. Now these are long term goals which I feel every person seems to set each and every year, however after watching @jera.bean’s Instagram story (her blog can be found here), really made me think about what I really want to work on in the new year. Although these long term goal are still goals for me, I thought that this year I would try something different and focus on goals that are more personal and that I have a stronger chance of keeping and sticking to.

These goals included working on myself both physically in the gym and using at home workouts and mentally. Getting to a stage mentally where I feel that I deserve the good that I have and not dwelling on what has gone wrong in my life. I feel that if I do not do this more often then I will develop serious mental health issues and feel even more down in the dumps than I do already. Another resolution or goal this coming year is to get out the flat a lot more. I know to a lot of people that this is super easy however, I have a serious problem of not wanting to go anywhere on my own (not too sure of the reason) even when living at home I found it very hard to give myself the motivation to get out of the house and go for a walk even if it was for 10 minutes of the day. I want to start to go out of the house AT LEAST every other day and go for a walk. I fell that not only would this help me physically and mentally it will also help me to get rid of the cabin fever I have from sitting in the flat all day. My final major goal for two thousand and nineteen is to say yes to things more. I have a tendency to say no to going out for a quick drink or even going over to a friends house and then spend the rest of the night wishing I had gone out or said yes to going out for a quick drink and coming back home.

I could go on and list hundreds more smaller goals which I would want to achieve throughout the year however, I feel that by focusing on a few bigger goals I am able to really think of ways I can achieve them. By doing it this way it also gives me a way of achieving other goals, this in my mind can be done when I have achieved each larger goal a smaller goal or two can be put in its place.

There is always a question that I ask myself each year and that is why set yourself a goal if you aren’t motivated enough to try and achieve it. Although some achieve their goals or resolutions each year there is always a number of people who are unable to reach their goals and one of the main reasons for this is due to their lack of motivation. I for one can definitely say a large portion of the reasons in which I am unable to reach my goals is due to lacking motivation.

I believed that I would get the motivation to go to the gym or go for a walk when I felt like it but I have now learnt that motivation doesn’t just appear you need to work for it and you will soon become motivated enough by the results that it becomes second nature and the motivation to continue will appear. My motivation has arrived from various places one of which has been a sing-a-long playlist I have made on Spotify which gets me in such an upbeat mood and means I am able to get a large amount of work or cleaning done and I also seem to get a huge amount of inspiration and motivation through watching a film and one in particular at this moment in time which is The Greatest Showman. Whether this is because I find the story line inspirational where a boy who comes from nothing gains success through hard work or just because the music is upbeat or a mixture of both but in the times I have watched the film I have always completed a large amount of work or house work.

Two thousand and eighteen has been a difficult, heartbreaking and sad year for me but it has also taught me that I am a damn sight stronger than I believed I was. That I have the ability to be successful even when I doubt myself and I am more than capable of picking myself back up after these sad and heartbreaking times and if these are not the most important lessons that I can walk into two thousand and nineteen with then I feel that I will not be able to see the positives in any future lessons or any hurdles that I am going to need to overcome in the near future.

Much Love,

Caitlin x

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