How “Hinching” Helped Me Mentally

Let’s talk about the latest cleaning craze “Hinching”.

I found Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page in the Autumn of 2018 after seeing a snippet of a video where she appeared on This Morning.

I have never been a clean neat person, I’ll be the first to admit that especially when living at home. However, although the flat has never been in a disgusting state, it was messy at times and it was also clean at times, it had taken me a while to be able to get into the mind set of why a clean place was good for not only myself and Matt but I have found it has helped me a lot more mentally.

Since I have been regularly watching Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories I have found a sense of mental clarity which is hard to think that a cleaner home will give someone that sense of clarity. I will say that in no way am I a serious “Hincher”. However, I do clean the kitchen and living room every couple of days properly. I also feel that when this is done I am now able to relax a lot more and get a lot more work done.

Growing up my mum has always said to us and got us to clean however, I do think I gave her a bit of a hard time as at that moment in time I couldn’t see why a clean home or even my room being messy (by messy I mean, can’t get into the room properly) affects her so much as it was my room, and now living in my own place I can now understand that with even just one room being messy you just want to be able to open the home to your friends and family without being embarrassed about the mess and clutter everywhere.

Now Matt still doesn’t really understand why I have such an interest in Mrs Hinch as she is just a normal person who cleans her home just like anyone else and to be perfectly honest neither do I. What I do know is that my mental state has been a little poor the past year and I can definitely see a huge improvement in it since following Mrs Hinch and cleaning daily.

I do wish that I had known about Mrs Hinch a lot sooner as I feel my mental state could have been a lot better a lot sooner however, I am extremely happy now that I am getting back to how it was and possibly coming into a better state of mental clarity than ever before.

“Hinching” is a massive community and they have a great ethic of talking to each other and if someone has a cleaning problem everyone talks and gives opinions on how they feel you are able to come to a solution. It really is like a small community where everyone has the same outlook. Some may be a lot more serious than others and some may use a lot more natural products. I have also found that within this community that “Hinchers” are everywhere.

It is also super addictive. By this I mean when you haven’t cleaned in a few days you want to do a full clean but also when out shopping and there is a deal on your favourite cleaning supply all you want to do is pick up more, knowing full well that you have them already at home. I guess there are worse things to be wanting to do other than clean. In no way would I say I personally am addicted to cleaning but I do feel that when you find something that works for you then you should absolutely continue on that path and continue to use what is helping.

Much Love,

Caitlin x

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