The Only Shampoo’s I Use

Before 2017 I was one of those lucky people who didn’t need to worry about the shampoo that was picked up to buy and use. I was able to grab what ever I wanted and be able to use it on my hair. Whether this was L’Oreal or Tesco own brand I was able to use it. Fast forward to June 2017 I went abroad for the first time to Gran Canaria and since coming back I have had so many problems with my scalp and hair. I still have no idea why my scalp reacted in this way but it just came incredibly sensitive to any product. This could be due to burning on my scalp as I do not like to wear hats even though I know they would help immensely.

I am still trying to find a product that completely heals my scalp however, I have found a couple that have almost completely healed it. Of course, every now and then I get a really bad flair up however using these products I have seen an incredible difference in the condition my scalp had been in compared to now. These products are the Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo with Coal Tar extract, Charles Worthington Thicker and Fuller Shampoo and also the Charles Worthington Diamond Shine Shampoo. These aren’t the cheapest of products but I do feel that sometimes you need to invest in a product and continue to use it if it is actually working for you.

I will give a little background on what my scalp was like, there was one small section at the front of my scalp just off to the right (which is where my parting is). It was as if I had a patch of scalp with dandruff however, when it comes off looks completely different and it is also not there all the time which is what made it that much more annoying. I have worked out however, if I use dry shampoo or baby powder on my hair as a quick fix when running late my scalp becomes a lot worse (probably due to the scalp becoming extra dry). Knowing this does mean that I now only use dry shampoo very rarely and majority of the time it is used now for a little more volume in the back of my hair rather than the front.

When my scalp had a bad reaction with burning and then continued to peel I decided that I would give the Neutrogena T-Gel range a go. I mean what is the worst it could do! At first I saw a massive difference when my hair was dry my scalp looked back to normal but, after a couple of weeks of using this shampoo on my hair and scalp it had started to go back to how it was before using the shampoo. This shampoo is recommended to be used up to two to three times per week in order to help manage and control various scalp conditions. I admittedly did use it every other day which is probably why my head started to go back to how it was before using it as the scalp had become used to the treatment. I have now started to use this once or twice per week and usually now right at the beginning or the end of the week. Every now and then when I have used dry shampoo I will use the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo twice to three times per week. This shampoo as it is classed as being a medicated shampoo is not recommended for children under the age of 12. I am able to purchase the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo with Coal Tar for £7 in Tesco which I don’t find is too expensive if it is a product that works for me.

I have only recently started to use the Charles Worthington shampoos as I found them slightly too expensive to be able to regularly purchase them. Since using both Charles Worthington shampoos I have seen a great improvement. The Diamond Shine shampoo has really helped with the sine along the mid-lengths and ends of my hair whereas, the Thicker And Fuller shampoo has really helped my scalp. Whether that is because the Thicker and Fuller shampoo has Vitamin E beads within the shampoo which (I guess) helps to stimulate the blood flow into the scalp more as well as helping to exfoliate the drier skin off the head. These shampoos are usually around £5.99 for the Diamond Shine shampoo and is around £6.99 for the Thicker and Fuller shampoos. These are the same prices for the conditioners in the same range.

I don’t tend to use conditioner unless I am having a particularly dry hair however as I use conditioning oils and heat protectant on my hair I find I don’t really need to start using it. Sure once my scalp and hair have healed completely I want to get into a routine where I use conditioner regularly even if at first once per week. I did find however, that the Diamond Shine shampoo acted a little like conditioner for me my hair was super soft and shiny quite like conditioner.

I have definitely found that using these three shampoos together throughout the week have really helped to control and manage the problems I have had with my scalp. I am still yet to find out what is wrong with it as generic shampoos irritate my scalp and at the same time I have tried various anti-dandruff shampoos which have had no effect whatsoever (so I’m not too sure what is happening). However, the fact that I have found something that has worked so far means I will definitely continue to purchase these products again.

Much Love,

Caitlin x

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