January 2019

January 2019 is over, and honestly looking back I feel like I have done nothing all month. That is not true of course. So many people are saying how long the month has felt but I feel like the complete opposite, literally like where has the month gone.

January has given me highs and lows. I have spent the past few months job hunting and January I thought was going to be so much different. We welcomed the arrival of my niece on the 24th January, I spent a week in Bristol completing the last full week of practical training for my Personal Training course. I have also worked the occasional day or two each week and in between that time I have been for newborn cuddles, family visits and applying for jobs.

I am definitely not complaining about having to work or apply for jobs, but in Cornwall it seems that much harder to be able to get a job with decent hours. At this moment in time I am working 9 hours per week without overtime so money is definitely stretched right now. In the past 3½ months I must have applied for more than 40 jobs. This itself leaves me with higher levels of stress as it seems that the only time a company will respond is if they want to offer an interview or offer the job to you. This has meant that I have spent hours and days waiting for responses and having to realise that I haven’t got the job or that I am not going to be offered an interview. I do understand that I am in a slightly better situation than some as I have a job right now that pays although not what I want, I do still need to remember that I have a job.

We also spoke to a financial adviser about mortgages and mortgage payments in which we would be able to take out. Although it was not as much as we wanted we can get a small mortgage. We also now have the understanding that if money was to increase then the amount we would be able to apply for could increase dramatically.

In the last week of January Matt and I decided it was time to ave a clear out and organise of the rubbish and junk drawer in the kitchen. We spent the evening sorting all the paperwork and junk that had accumulated in the drawer and decided what was needed and what wasn’t. We hen decided that in order to keep the drawer in a more organised state to pop into B&M to get small organisers or baskets. We ended up buying two packs of three woven baskets for £4.99. They are the perfect size to fit the two larger baskets side by side and three of the small baskets filling the rest of the space, with the final small woven basket on the shelf in the living room with travel items (passport, travel adaptor plugs, health insurance cards). We also ended up leaving with a large baskets with leather handles which fits so nicely down by the window in the living room for all my knitting needles, crochet hooks, kitting books and wool. I feel if we spend a day or two each month organising paperwork that has accumulated then we won’t have a horribly disorganised junk drawer again.

We still have a couple of things left to do to get the flat exactly how we like it and be able to use the space but I also feel that as soon as we are able to rent a house we will.

Although I have spent the last week or two of January in pain and ill I know that I am going to try and make the most of February as much as I can. Whether that means writing more blog posts when I am feeling a little worse for wear or getting out of the flat to get some fresh air I definitely want to make sure that I am making the most of each day in February. I have a few things planned for February which I hope to get done and I am also hoping that by the end of this coming month I have had a more positive experience of job hunting.

Much Love,

Caitlin x

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