Home Décor – My Favourite Items

Having been in the flat now for 15 months there has been many a time that we have changed the way it look and changed the décor to match how I would love to have my living room for the time I live here. The only problem we do have is that what I would love to do is not feasible due to the space so the décor I do have I try to have a limited amount going on in each room so that the space we do have does not feel too crowded.

Having gone around the flat a looking at the items there are definitely a few items which I really love. The majority of these items are located in the living room as we do spend the majority of the time in there.

One of the main items which has now taken place in the centre of our coffee table is our personalised money box from Pink Gorilla Crafts. I initially bought this for Valentines Day in 2017 for Matt with little hand written notes placed inside to him. I feel that because it looks so classy and is basic colours then we are able to get away with different colour schemes and it still matches the room. I purchased the black and white box with “Matt and Caitlin’s New Home Fund” written on it. I love the fact that it is able to be personalised for what ever situation. I would definitely recommend that you check out their Etsy account. Pink Gorilla Crafts even provide personalised gifts and also baby grows, bags, money boxes and mugs to name a few. They are so reasonably priced to that you are able to get a personalised item that lasts for years with the same great quality of spending over £50 from other places with the same quality.

Another item that can be found in the flat which we both absolutely love is our Magic Salt Himalayan Salt Lamp which my brother and his girlfriend bought for my 20th birthday. We both love the salt lamp. It was such an unexpected present as we both hadn’t heard of them before but we do really love the atmosphere it creates when the lights are off and I want to have a relaxing evening and watch a film, I find the first thing I do is to turn the salt lamp on and light candles and it gives just enough light to be able to see around the living room but not enough light to be able to really relax.


CandlesFinally, next to the sofa there is a small collection of candles and a peg board. These are rather new still as we were given them for Christmas from family but we absolutely love them. In the corner we have three candles which were from one family member and a copper and black letter peg board given to us by another member of the family. Both these members of family did not know what each of them were giving us and it has happened that the candles match that specific colour scheme of the copper and black peg board. The peg board we have written “Matt and Caitlin’s Flat” and the date in which we moved in. The three candles we have are two candles with our initials (one with C and one with M) on them which have quite a vanilla-ry scent to them. These were purchased from Asda although I am unable to find the price or the candle now on their site so I have linked a slightly more expensive candle which looks just as good. We then have right in the middle of our letter candles a larger candle rose gold/copper coloured candle with a peach bellini scent which smells absolutely incredible. This candle was also purchased from Asda and can be purchased for £6. I can definitely say that once these candles have been burnt down I will be buying them again or making my own using the jars.

If you want to make an area feel a lot more homely I would definitely recommend searching for some candles and a lamp that will create a warm atmosphere, I have found makes any room feel instantly cosier, more relaxed and homely.

Much Love,

Caitlin x

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