Valentine’s 2019

Its arrived and it’s gone just like that. Valentines 2019.

Every year advertisements are pushed upon us to but the perfect present for our other half. We all fall for it every year and whilst I am writing this blog post I have had at least 15 emails come through advertising Valentines promotions and deals in shops and supermarkets.

I fall for all the deals each year and always want to make it really special for Matt. This is mainly because he pays for 90% of the bills and food shops so I always wanted to do something that shows my appreciation for that. We do our bills this way due to me not earning enough to be able to pay all the bills, however, when I am able to get a better paying job this would change and I will be paying more into the bills than I am right now.

This year was a little different for Matt and I as we decided due to having to work on Valentines that we would celebrate on the Tuesday 12th and by celebrate what I mean is we went out for a meal and exchanged gifts. We decided a week before Valentines that we would put a price limit on the amount we were going to spend on presents on each other. We then got paid and I looked at how much I would have left over the rest of the month and to be honest it was not good at all and it was that point that Matt had said why don’t we forget presents for each other completely and we will just go for a nice meal and treat it as an excuse to just go out for a dinner date. Although we both said we wouldn’t do presents this year we did end up buying each other a present that cost around two to three pounds and these weren’t exactly presents as they were things that we both really liked and would have brought ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong I love the idea behind Valentines Day and showing appreciation for your partner or friends but I do feel that it is a little too commercialised now and there is more emphasis on spending so much money on your partner or friends. There are so many things on social media where people post what their partners have given them for Valentines day stating how much they love each other but there is a part in which I don’t like which is the fact that there are some people who are newly single or they aren’t able to afford these big extravagant gifts for their partner and that does leave people feeling bad about themselves for not being able to spend large amounts of money.

Going into work in the days after Valentine’s Day everyone wants to know what you got your partner and what your partner got you and whether you “got it on”. It makes no sense what so ever to go up to someone and ask what presents you got unless you have been talking about Christmas and birthdays. You wouldn’t walk up to someone in the street and just ask them what they got their partner for Valentine’s, so I don’t really get the whole what did you get and what did you get up to vibe everyone tends to give off. I was speaking to a lady who I work with and she asked whether we ended up giving each other presents because the week before I had asked her advice on what to get Matt and she said just get beer or something you know he will enjoy. Once I had been talking to her she said herself that her and her husband don’t do Valentine’s at all and thinking about it I can understand why.

Really thinking about all of the advertisements that surround Valentine’s Day I personally find that it is so blown out of proportion now. Matt and I have done three Valentines now and we are not getting to the point of not knowing what to get each other. I mean it is hard enough when shopping for birthdays, Christmas’s and anniversaries let alone shop for another day as well. It is hard to remember in the moment that companies bring out all of these deals because they know that people will buy them, and they will pay all that money for something. When in reality it shouldn’t just be the one day that we show gratitude for our partner.

Much Love.

Caitlin xxx

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