February 2019

How quick is 2019 going! I mean we are 7 days into March

Is it me or has February gone just as or if not even quicker than January, it just seems like it’s been a massive blur. 

I feel like parts of the month there hasn’t really been a great deal that had happened whereas other days we both super busy and stressed. 

We started off the month with multiple doctors appointments which still hasn’t been sorted and I’m still in a great deal of pain on a regular basis. Nearer to the middle of the month we completed an online shop with Tesco, I spent a couple of hours going through the cupboards and searching online for meal ideas which could be frozen for a later time. We have spent a lot of time not really doing a great deal that was different to anything that had been done in January as we have both not found alternative jobs yet and are still working at Tesco. I have now sent out between 60 and 70 job applications, and I can honestly say it is the most demoralising thing ever to apply for so many jobs and to be only offered one interview over the phone and still not get offered a job. You lose interest in applying for jobs and you also wonder whether there is something wrong with you because you have sent out so much and nothing has come of it. 

The rest of February had consisted of more doctors appointments, baby cuddles with my niece, going for brunch with Matt and my sister, working and writing blog posts. I cannot complain as every time we go to the doctors I get to go back home and have cuddles with Cleo and see my family. The last time being taking my sister and my niece out for brunch to get her out of the house a little after having a baby. It is strange to think that she would be 6 weeks today. Where has that time gone? 

Having spoken to a financial adviser about a mortgage and talking about the highest mortgage we would be able to get (it was not an ideal amount for living in Cornwall), a guy we work with had given us a brochure for houses that were on auction if we could get a cheap house and do it up and either live in it ourselves or rent it out for others we may have been able to. We viewed a house which we found out at the time that we would not be able to get a mortgage on it as it had a shop underneath and we were not going to be owning that land where the shop was. 

I don’t know the technical terms for it but it was so annoying. We found this out the morning that we were going to view the house. We did still go and view the house as we were also then able to get a rough idea of what £70,000 would buy us and although it was not the biggest of places and it more than likely wouldn’t be somewhere that I would want to live for a long period of time unless it had been done up but it is hard to see how a place that was so oddly set out could change and you would be able to change it to how you wanted it without asking for someone else’s permission to paint or put up pictures on the wall.

We do however, have more of an idea of what we would be able to buy being in our current situation, so looking into the future if we were both to have good paying jobs with regular hours it would be great to see what we could potentially buy and where.

Keep an eye out for updates on mortgages and buying a house int he next few months.

Much Love,

Caitlin xxx

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