Eden Project – St Austell

The Eden Project for me was (and still is) a regular day out. This is because it is not far to travel for a decent few hours out of the house. It has always been an easy day out for my family as we had always paid an annual fee meaning that we were able to go as many times as we wanted in that year. 

The Eden Project on the outskirts of St Austell is a great day out. It is built within the China Clay Pits in Cornwall and is an educational charity in which Tim Smit decided to set up in 1995 however construction did not begin until October 1998. The Eden Project has been built with the overall purpose of demonstrating the importance of plants to people as well as to promote the sustainable use of plant resources.

When visiting the Eden Project it is important to remember that it may cost you to get in but all of the proceeds got to the Eden Trust. This is what helps to maintain the Eden Project as well as other educational attractions around the St Austell area. The money that is gathered with the visitors of Eden Project helps to inspire rainforest conservation, it brings communities together, educates the future generations and conserves Britain’s wildlife to name a few. 

More information on prices and activities can be found on the Eden Project website here.

All the photos below have been taken on my IPhone 6S and edited on the Snapseed app. 


Orangutan Exhibit Near To The Start Of The Rainforest Biome.


This Burnt Wood Exhibit Showed The Effects Of Deforestation Within The Rainforest.


Cool Rooms Available Mid-Way Through The Rainforest Biome.


Atmosphere Education Exhibit On The Walkway Above Forest Floor.


A View From The Canopy Walkway Where These Bronze Leaves Can Be Purchased For Special Occasions And Dates.


A View To The Left, Which Can Be Seen From The Rainforest Canopy Walkway.


Cloud Bridge Located At The End Of The Canopy Walkway Shows How Clouds Are Formed In The Atmosphere.


The Waterfall Located Three-Quarters Of The Way Through The Biome. This Is One Of The Main Attractions Of The Rainforest Biome.


This Is The View From Behind The Waterfall Showing How Vast The Range Of Plants Located In The Biome.


The Natural Rubber Exhibit Is Located Near To The End Of The Biome With Educational Interaction On The Exhibit.


This Smaller Exhibit Shows The Vast Range Of Uses Of Palm Oil. Some Of These Uses Include Certain Breads, Pre-Cooked Curries And Peanut Spreads.


The Spice Boat Is One Of The Last Exhibits In The RainForest Biome. This Is An Interactional Exhibit Which Gives Descriptions Of Spice Aromas and Where In The World They Are Harvested.


This Is The Start Of The Mediterranean Biome. This Starts To Set A Scene For The Rest Of The Biome.


The First Steps Of The Route Around The Mediterranean Biome. The Plants Are Located In Specific Areas Of The Biome Which Gives A More Exotic Feel.


This View Gives An Idea Of How Open This Biome Is Compared To The Rainforest Biome.


There Are A Lot Of Buildings, Wood Work And Brick Work In The Mediterranean Biome.


The Mediterranean Biome Gives A View Of The ‘Story Corner’ Of The Biome.


This Image Shows The Area Which Is The Most Open (Apart From The Restaurant). There Are Large Amounts Of Aloe Vera Located In This Area Of The Biome.


A Benched Corner Located Slightly Off The Path Gives A Relaxing Place To Sit And Rest Awhile.


This Is The View From The Bench Looking Down To The Final Path.


The First Look Of The Southern Australia Flower Exhibit.


This Is A Second View Of The Southern Australia Exhibit.


This Corner Is Commonly Used For Stories Of The Biome and The Awards Of Young Musicians Takes Place Here.


When These Stories Take Place The View From This Photo is Filled With Visitors Sitting Down Ready For The Stories.


The Restaurant Which Is Located At The End Of The Mediterranean Biome.


This Gives A Larger View Of The Restaurant. The Colours In This Give A Definite Mediterranean Feel.


These Potted Flowers Are Located Around The Walled Sides Of The Restaurant Giving Colour To The Area.


More Of The Restaurant Can Be Seen Through The Flowers.


This Is The Final View Of The Mediterranean Biome With A Bench And More Flowers Located To Give A Brighter Feel To It.


The View Of The Stage From The Path To The Core Building.


The Biomes Can Be Seen Throughout The Walks Around The Grounds Of Eden.


The Invisible Worlds Exhibition Is Located In The Core Building, Giving A Higher Level Of Education About The Environment.


The Infinity Blue Sculpture Is Provided By Studio Swine Which Gives Education About Organisms Such As Cyanobacteria, It Breathes Vapor Rings.

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