A New Business Venture…

Caitlin Doyle PT

It is always hard when setting up your own business to know what to post, who you want to be your target market and how to advertise your business. Having this blog does help as I have a slightly wider platform however, it is just as difficult to know what to post in order to get the maximum amount of involvement.



Having now finished my Level 3 Personal Training qualification, I have decided to make the decision to set up an Online Personal Training business.

I have always wanted to help others who have trouble losing weight especially children and teenagers however, my ultimate goal is to be there for every person who wants to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle.

Starting up Caitlin Doyle – Personal Training has been a huge step for me. I have never paid for a personal trainer myself however, being a sporty person and dealing with body image issues and body positivity issues I feel like I know better than anyone what it is like to not feel good in your own body. However, by exercising and eating a little bit healthier and listening to how my body is feeling has really helped.  

Online Personal Training is aimed at providing the client with the ability to fit their workout in their day themselves. With Caitlin Doyle – Personal Training the client will choose between a 4 week, 8 week or a 12 week training programme. With all three of these training programmes the client will have access to a video call consultation process, access to a private Facebook group in order to communicate further with both myself and with other clients in the same mindset, 24/7 contact with me either through Messenger, Text, Phone or Video Call. They will also have access to a members only sector which provides video exercises to show how the exercise should look like when they are performing the exercise and motivation videos. Furthermore, they will be able to receive nutritional advice in order to help them to live a healthier lifestyle as well as tips and tricks to be able to involve the whole family in order to encourage them too.

I feel that by allowing the client with help to decide their goals and time frame they want to achieve them in as well as giving them the information that they need to live a healthier lifestyle will help them to feel motivated a lot more. Furthermore, by providing a video consultation before planning the sessions the client would also be able to inform me of any commitments they already have so that their programme slots into their life perfectly, by providing a programme in this way the client is able to see that they do indeed have time to exercise and find the right time in the day rather than panicking because they are supposed to be exercising and they haven’t been able to find the time to complete the exercises. 

I feel that it is important that all the programmes come with as much support as possible as well as motivational messages and tips and tricks. This is because I know myself how hard it is to work out when you lack all motivation as possible. By providing constant support and reviews regularly I will be able to help motivate the clients as well as show them how far they have come since starting the programme.

Although there has not been a website built yet, there is a Facebook Page and an Instagram Page where you can visit for more information about the programmes and prices. 

Please visit these for more information!

Facebook – Caitlin Doyle – Personal Training

Instagram – Caitlin Doyle – Personal Training

Much Love,

Caitlin X

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