Planning Our Adventure…

‘Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears!’ – Les Brown.

For so long I have lived in my fears and listened to what people think of my and what I am doing and I have now learnt that I need to stop listening to each and every person.

After watching a YouTube video of someone walking the Appalachian Trail in America I wanted to challenge myself and walk the path near to me. The South West Coast Path. I have spoken at length about walking it and both Matt and I decided that we would walk the path. This is 630 miles starting at Minehead passing through Exmoor, Dartmoor, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and finishing in Dorset at the South Haven Point.

I have the plan to walk all 630 miles in one go, this does mean taking a prolonged period of time off of work. I think everyone thought that after a couple of months I would forget about wanting to walk the South West Coast Path whereas my enthusiasm to walk the path has just grown stronger.

In order to help me I was given two books about the Coast Path for my 21st one was a true story fiction book and the other was The South West Coast Path by Paddy Dillon. The fiction book has given me a very different view to what this walk would entail. It has made me think that I should have done this before I moved into my own place however, I didn’t want to walk it then I want to walk it now.

In another part of my life, I wanted to travel Australia. My sister and I were finding ways to do this before we both found boyfriends and our lives changed. So when Matt mentioned about travelling for a year or two on a working holiday visa in Australia I could believe it. He always knew that I wanted to do it and in the back of my head I had such a strong feeling that it wouldn’t be possible. I have spent the past few days from when he had mentioned it how much it would cost and what funds we would need before hand in order to be able to gain the visa.

Whilst we have been and still are looking to buy a house we have also been looking at the idea of buying a flat in order to rent this out so that we have regular income coming in when we are travelling. This is still going to mean a lot of thought and planning however, if we did have that regular income as well as some income when travelling then we would be set for when we aren’t working or when we are looking for work.

It will take a while to be able to plan a single adventure let alone both on the next few years as well as everything that is planned in between. The only problem that we have is that in order to get a working holiday visa Matt needs to be under 30. This gives us around 2.5 years in order to get the visa and be in Australia. As long as Matt is under 30 when he is granted the visa then we are able to travel and work in Australia.

As we get nearer to the two adventures and the further in planning we get ill write more blog posts in order to help anyone else wanting to do the same thing.

Much Love,


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