Goodbye August, Hello September…

I can’t believe that we are already into September already. We are two weeks in almost and going by how fast the rest of the year has flown by I know September is going to go by just as quickly.

I have so much planned for the coming month (and the rest of the year) that writing it down and figuring what to do first I have realised how much I actually have to do.

August was a super busy month. I turned 21, set up an Online Personal Training Business and had started planning the next stages of our life.

September has started off with good news, I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I also took the time before the summer to book three of the four Wednesdays off off work so I am able to chill and focus on my perfume business and my personal training business.

The rest of September will be spent researching about working holiday visas for Australia, planning our London trip for December and ensuring that we have a place to stay booked as well as spending a lot more time with my family and friends.

I’ve spent the past few days applying for more jobs and this time I’m more open to the jobs I am applying for. I have previously over looked the apprenticeship roles however, now I know more about them and that through the council apprentice scheme I will be able to live whilst I learn and also develop my skills further.

I also aim to work more on my mental health. I have had such low periods for the past few weeks that I just haven’t been able to deal with anything. There are days that I am fine and am able to do anything and everything and other days where I can’t even get the mental ability to get up and clear a space in the living room or to sort out what I need to do for dinner and it sucks.

I never know what to do with myself when I have these periods and I know I need to talk to someone about it but unless you are going through something yourself it’s hard to explain to someone the way you feel.

I am also hoping that by Christmas I will be in a different job and that way I will be able to have a completely new start and clear my mind in the best way possible.

Much Love,


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