Most Worn Items On A Day To Day Basis

On a daily basis I wear two of three colours. Black, white and nude/neutral. It’s easier to wear items that are neutral coloured and have one statement piece rather than wearing multiple colours.

I have realised I tend to wear more blacks, whites and neutral colours with the occasional red top. Wearing clothes in these colours means that I am able to go from office to drinks or a family event without being too underdressed.

Denim Jacket

Next Borg Lined Denim Jacket

I have only recently purchased this denim jacket whilst on a trip to London, however, I know already how much use this will be put to. For a while I have wanted a denim jacket that was black however I just couldn’t find the right one.

This Next Borg Lined Denim Jacket caught my eye as soon as I walked into the women’s section and I knew I had to get it. Due to wearing such neutral coloured clothes I knew that this black jacket would get so much use as it is warm and looks great.

When looking at the jacket I genuinely thought it was going to be so much more than it is but at £42 this jacket is an absolute steal. It’s so comfy and warm I age been able to walk to tube stations and on 20 minute walks to restaurants in December without a jumper underneath.

Top/Shirt or Bodysuit

Boohoo Woven Shirt and Boohoo Scoop Neck Bodysuit

Nine times out of ten I will wear a black top of some form. It’s easier to find something at goes as well as it having the potential to be dressed up and down.

I’m normally wearing a black woven shirt from Boohoo or a long sleeve black bodysuit from Boohoo. These both look great with black high-waisted jeans and a jacket as well as with a knitted cardigan. Furthermore, the bodysuit makes a great thermal layer underneath a shirt or knitted jumper in the colder months.

At £12 for a shirt they are great quality and both look and feel great and your not going to break the bank this these as shirts and at £12 for the bodysuit you can have a great scoop neck bodysuit for an even greater price.


Topshop Joni Jeans

I love wearing a decent pair of black jeans, in fact I hardly ever wear any other colour jeans. Black jeans for me can go with any top. This makes them so much more versatile than a pair of denim coloured jeans.

My personal favourites are the Topshop Joni Jeans. These are high-waisted and fit amazingly as a pair of skinny jeans. Being a shorter person I find being able to get jeans which fit me in the waist and in the leg trouble. This is why I love Topshop jeans as these give the option of both waist size and leg length.

At £36 these are a little more expensive however, they are great quality, fit amazingly, last for ages and look great you can’t complain.

Chelsea Boots

Clarks Clarkdale Arlo Boots

A good quality pair of tan Chelsea boots look amazing with an all black outfit. This helps to add a pop of colour without it being too much.

For the past three years I have work Clarks Chelsea boots in Tan (I can’t remember the specific ones I have now). I have decided that it is time to change them as they are worn in the soles beyond repair. I am swapping to the Clarks Clarkdale Arlo Boots again in Tan. These are a suede boot instead of leather however they are slightly thinner in the ankle as well as ever so slightly higher on the heel and in the height of the boot on the ankle itself.

At £89 they are more expensive than the boots I have right now which were £60 however, they have lasted for so long that I haven’t needed to get any others in three years. I’d definitely recommend trying a shop like Clarks to get shoes that last for a while if you don’t want to keep replacing them after a year or so.

Tote Handbag

Boohoo Structured Cross Hatch Bag

Although this is an accessory I couldn’t leave this bag out as it genuinely goes pretty much everywhere with me.

This bag from Boohoo is the Structured across Hatch Tote Bag has great space inside as well as being a zip closure. Furthermore, it also has gold hardware meaning another aspect of colour is able to be added to a look or outfit.

Currently at £16 (usually £20) this bag is amazing for work and general day to day life.

By wearing all one colour or neutral coloured clothes you have the ability to accessorise with other colours without looking like a mess. I love to wear an all black outfit with tan boots and a scarf in the winter. This means that the scarf has the ability to be whatever colour you want it to be and you outfit still looks amazing.

Much Love


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